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Welcome to my humble home, a place of creations and thingamajigs, a repository of bits and bobs. Enjoy my stuff... but tread carefully, and click softly, for a hybrid monster of science and art lurks amongst these pages and should you wake this beast you may find yourself forever trapped between worlds.


Comic thumbnail My latest comics are mostly random one-offs, however there's also a few developing series. These include Today's Lesson teaching you some delightful little wonders of science that you see every day without realising. Also, you can delve into The Real World, a meta-comic where Jack and Zoe discover the weird nature of their world. Or, visit The Department and follow the lives of a group of PhD students.


Sketchbook thumbnail From quick doodles and practice sketches to mini commissions, here is some of my artwork that isn't webcomics or greeting cards, but that I feel is worthy of keeping.

Web Development

JavaScript Paint thumbnail Here are some of my web things, either developed or under development. There's JavaScript Paint allowing direct editing of data-URI based images in the browser, a Web Workers shim allowing you to get started using web workers without worrying about browser support, CSS craziness including a lifted corners shadow effect and barcodes, and loads of other little bits and bobs. I've also got more over on GitHub.


Calcium man thumbnail Right, let's have some fun. Wanna play some games? Why not test your car racing and crashing skills with Kevin Calcium-Man Collins Crazy Circuit-Based Racing Game and Crazy Skoda. Or, would you rather travel to a world where gravity regularly changes direction and then try and play Crazy Connect-Four? Oh, and just in case you hadn't noticed, the common theme here is CRAZY!

Maths and Physics

Physics cube thumbnail Ever wondered what it's all about? Yeah? Me too. Unfortunately no-one has a clue. But we've got some pretty cool theories that describe, well, pretty much everything we've ever measured. But fear not, there is more to be done. The theories only fit if we put in by hand loads of parameters at the beginning, but we don't know why these parameters should have the values they do. Also, we don't have one single theory, we have two incompatible ones. It's a bit of a mess, and with no data to guide us, well, people do the craziest things!

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Latest News...

2015 Jun 16 - How to remember the flexbox alignment properties.

2015 May 24 - Thoughts on source maps for private code.

2014 Nov 30 - A new 4 part comic series for advent: Christmas Time.

2014 Oct 25 - New comic: Daylight Saving Time.

2014 Apr 12 - Presenting some subtleties of JavaScript using a visual analogy for understanding property descriptors and the prototype chain.

2014 Apr 6 - An easy way to remember how big the universe is, you just need one number: 100 billion.

2013 Oct 12 - I've decided to add a Sketchbook section to the site. I'll update this with all my drawings, sketches and doodles that aren't comics or greeting cards.

2013 Jan 04 - New article about my idea for a conditional CSS pseudo class i.e. :where(), allowing you to do things like media queries but at the level of DOM elements rather than the page as a whole. Includes a JavaScript shim to emulate the specified behaviour.

2012 Nov 19 - Create HTML and CSS barcodes.

2012 Oct 31 - Special new comic for Halloween - Fear.

2012 Sep 29 - A simple CSS solution to create that lifted corners shadow effect.

2012 Aug 25 - I've now got an RSS feed for my entire site, I'll tell you all about how it works some other day. In the mean time, click the feed icon in the main menu to subscribe!