Random Stuff

This page is like that space under the bed, not due to the monsters though, it's where all the stuff I want to keep but have nowhere else to put ends up.


A couple of little things to keep you occupied, though I have included the solutions if you're just not into thinking!

  • The Triangle Problem - All you have to do is work out one angle, sounds easy huh? Think again.
  • High Stakes - A puzzle with rope and sticks. Go get some rope and sticks!

These were just two of the puzzles that occupied many a lunch break, David looks after the rest of them here, though without solutions.

Some quotes

If you compress the sum total of my wisdom into bitesize pieces, this is what you get:

"Necessity is the Mother of invention, laziness is the Father."

"Twice as risky isn't half as safe."

"It's hard to remember things you don't understand, and easy to forget things you do."

"With over 7 billion people in the world, someone has already thought of it."

Psychologists, feel free to analyse the inner workings of my psyche! Anyway, I think they're all true, except the second one, which is almost surely true.

And the rest...

  • The Maze - Help Chris find the items he needs for his lunch!


Hominids with websites

  • Reel Hot Ceilidh Peppers - Are you looking for a barn dance in the Staffordshire area? Then why not hire my Dad's band.
  • Peter Robinson - Something for all you Mac fans out there... Hello... Anyone?
  • Pras Pathmanathan - He once claimed he'd update this site, many many years ago.
  • David Richards - Including some of the puzzles that occupied many a tea break. If you like to cheat I have the solution to a couple of them here.
  • James O'Dwyer - Crossing the boundaries between theoretical physics and ecology.


There are so many awesome webcomics out there, here are a few that keep me reading...