Kevin Calcium Man's Crazy Circuit Based Racing Game, Crazy Skoda, and Crazy Connect-4... Why not get a little crazy and have a play of some of these games!

Kevin Calcium Man Collins' Crazy Circuit-Based Racing Game

Inspired by the classic Ivan Ironman Stuart's Super Off-Road Racer, I present Kevin Calcium-Man Collins' Crazy Circuit-Based Racing Game. My brother did the graphics and and I did the "programming". I use quotation marks as it was made with The Games Factory, one day I'll finally get round to remaking and upgrading the whole thing using some proper coding. Until then though, this is still ace fun! More...

Crazy Skoda

Retro style wireframe 3d graphics, programmed in Delphi. This one's a battle against the clock, drive your car around the arena chasing the next time bonus before the clock runs down. Oh and the arena is full of boxes! More...

Crazy Connect Four

One more crazy installment for you! It's connect-four with a twist, or perhaps more accurately a turn. At regular intervals the direction of gravity changes, and you have to plan for this. It can be quite hard to get your head round. Designed for two players, but you can play as one player by trying to completely fill the grid without getting connect-four.


Here's one I dug up from my old backup disks. It's a retro arcade style spaceship shoot 'em up, written in Delphi way back when. Destroy complete waves of alien invaders to collect power-ups in order to destroy more waves of alien invaders, it's non-stop fun! More...