From quick doodles and practice sketches to mini commissions, here is some of my artwork that I feel is worthy of keeping. Click through to see each piece in full and find out more about it.

Pooh and Friends

A painting of Pooh and Friends as if they were real animals.

Star Wars

Trying to get back into some drawing after a little while, here's some sketches of Star Wars characters!

Famous Faces - Part III

It's the third installment of my efforts at capturing a likeness. This time in full colour!


I followed along to a digital painting tutorial, this is the result.

Dinosaur Painting

A quick painting of a feathery dinosaur.


Further Photoshop painting, this time of the mannequin in my window sill.

Famous Faces - Part II

Following on from part I, a second installment of my practice at capturing a likeness using famous faces.

Pine Cone

A sketch of a pine cone, an exercise in patience.


A drawing of a bee using a mechanical pencil.

Research and Development

A little storyboard I did for someone to use in their powerpoint presentation about research and development.

Famous Faces

Capturing a likeness is really tricky, I thought it'd be good practice to try and sketch some famous faces.

0 to 60 in less than one minute

For my Dad's 60th birthday I thought I'd try and summarise his entire life on a single sheet of paper.

Indiana Jones and the Welsh Canal

A picture of our encounter with Indian Jones himself, Harrison Ford, along with his wife Calista Flockhart, whilst chugging along on a narrow-boat down a Welsh canal!

The Office Blackbored

When not covering the office blackboard with equations I took advantage of having a nice large canvas for sketching.