Maths and PhysicsCrazy Commercial Maths

Here are some pieces of amusingly dodgy maths I've come across in the commercial world.

Double Discount

Double discount The classic double discount offer. Soon they'll catch on that they can split finite discounts into an infinite series.

The Ambiguous Graph

Dandruff reduction graph Some very informative graph labelling here by Head and Shoulders.

More than 100%

Weetabix 105% wholegrain Ok, I see that informing us that 100g of Weetabix was made using 105g wholegrain wheat might be useful information. But come on, to claim this means it's 105% wholegrain wheat!

Mini wheats 114% wholegrain And look, everyone's at it!

The Meaningless Upper Bound

Up to 100% grey coverage This hairdye claims to offer "up to 100%" grey coverage, what hairdye could not make this meaningless claim? Well, I say meaningless, perhaps a hairdye from Weetabix would offer up to 105% grey coverage!