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  • C. J. Wainwright, The absorption of water by humans, J. Craz. Sci. 01 (2002) p1-6

    Many people run through the rain in a hope of reducing the amount of water they absorb on their journey. We analyse here the success of this instictive approach to the problem, and propose new possibilities for reducing the amount of water absorbed. We will model rainfall as a fluid falling vertically downwards with a constant velocity. And we shall approximate the human body by a cuboid moving through this falling fluid. We shall make no attempt to include the rate of drying into our equations, and as such will assume the human is made of a perfectly absorbant material. Presumably an imperfectly absorbing human could be accounted for in this model by a reduction in the density of the rain. We shall also briefly discuss saturation which is expected to remove the troublesome singular behaviour which we find in our model.

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